Parking The Zeppelin / Lunch At Roots And Revelry

Av was going to be in New Orleans for a couple of days around Valentine’s Day, so he took me early to Roots and Revelry, the new 2nd floor restaurant at the Thomas Jefferson Tower in Birmingham — the building that has the last zeppelin mooring mast in the world, apparently.

There’s valet parking out front too, for those of us on four wheels.

First of all, these chandeliers are terrific — and the mural here is by Claire Godbee, a local artist.

View toward the bar:

While waiting, we got up and went out on the balcony for views of the city (and cornhole, though we couldn’t find the throws)

Thomas Jefferson Tower, Birmingham AL//

Thomas Jefferson Tower, Birmingham AL//

Av ordered the crispy chicken sandwich with chutney and while it was all good, the chutney was *amazing*
Roots & Revelry at the Thomas Jefferson Tower, Birmingham AL//

and rather than an entree, I ordered an app and a side: the R and R vegetables (top left) — wouldn’t necessarily get that again as it was heavy and overloaded with ginger and sauce, and the pork rillettes with pickled vegetables and chicken liver mousse which was conversely fab
Roots & Revelry at the Thomas Jefferson Tower, Birmingham AL//

Afterwards, our server encouraged us to see more of the second floor, where the open area had a selection of more of Claire Godbee’s art (and one of the longest Chesterfield sofas anyone’s ever seen) and this ballroom area

Thomas Jefferson Tower, Birmingham AL//

Av & Me at the Thomas Jefferson, Birmingham AL//

Though Av was working in NOLA on Valentine’s Day, after I dropped the boys off at school, I met a bunch of friends that day at Canterbury UMC as they were hosting ‘Stop Hunger Now’ which is also known as ‘Rise Against Hunger‘ — our jobs were to fill bags with soy protein, dehydrated vegetables, rice, and vitamin packets which altogether serve six people each in areas which are food insecure all around the world. Last year’s bags went to Haiti, and this year, our bags are going to Central America.

Next year, make plans to rock a hairnet with me! It’s easy work, goes by quickly (waaay too quickly! We were having so much fun on our shift!) and it’s a good deed. Yay!
Stop Hunger Now at Canterbury UMC//

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