Return Visit to the Amish Community Outside Pontotoc, Mississippi

We made another visit to the Amish community outside Pontotoc, Mississippi

The homes with something to sell to the public have signs by the road telling what they have to offer. They’re fully expecting guests to drive up — but they homes are always closed on Sundays as the families enjoy a day of rest, so plan a visit around that.

I think over the past several visits we have been to just about every home and bought something, even if it is a small jar of preserves or a rug or basket, or bag full of beans. This day, we got a couple of fried pies for everyone to snack on.
Fried Pies, Amish Community outside Pontotoc, MS//

Fried Pies, Amish Community outside Pontotoc, MS//

Amish Community outside Pontotoc, MS//

From Pontotoc, if you take Highway 9 out, take a left onto 341 then a right onto Salmon Road, where the community is. They’re a few miles down Salmon Road, on both sides of the road (you’ll cross a semi-busy road between the Salmon Road turnoff and the actual community). When you see plain-looking, white, mid-western-looking farm houses, you’re there. Have fun (and cash!).

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