Lunch at Galatoire’s — this wasn’t a Friday lunch like Av and us like to do, but a less-busy but still cheerful and fun afternoon

Three martini lunch?

Crab and okra gumbo
Crab and Okra Gumbo, Galatoire's, New Orleans LA//

broiled drum Rockefeller
Broiled Drum Rockefeller, Galatoire's, New Orleans LA//

lemon tart
Lemon Tart, Galatoire's, New Orleans LA//

It’s always delicious, but I think what ‘makes’ Galatoire’s is not so much the food (there are better places to get a piece of fish) but the atmosphere. That, and that it’s the kind of place at which they will just take care of you. Want something different? There’s off-the-menu fried chicken if you ask.

all those coat hooks

They’re slow to change, which is another thing to love about it. It wasn’t until the mid-90s that they bought an ice machine so they could stop bringing in blocks of ice to hand-chip. And we’re still waiting in line (famously, Huey P. Long was even made to stand in line), though last time I just used Open Table. Also, it’s still the kind of place at which you may just want to leave everything to the waiter (especially if it’s John) and take their lead on what’s best. Forget that menu business. Or just remember the fried chicken…

From ‘Streetcar Named Desire’ (Tennessee Williams was a Galatoire’s regular and had his own table):
(Stella:) I’m taking Blanche to Galatoire’s for supper and then to a show, because it’s your poker night.
(Stanley:) How about my supper, huh? I ain’t going to no Galatoire’s for supper.
(Stella:) I put you a cold plate on ice.
(Stanley:) Well, isn’t that just dandy!

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