Chanukah At The Governor’s Mansion In Jackson, And Car Menorah Parade In Little Rock

We were so happy to be at the governor’s mansion in Jackson for the Chanukah celebration — and especially so, since our boys helped light the menorah.

Chanukah at the Mississippi Governor's Mansion//

The mansion has been occupied since 1842 and is regularly open for tours, but during the last two weeks of December, it’s generally closed to the public. This now makes me want to see more of them.

It was such a treat to visit — lots of the Jackson community came out.
They do this every year. Love it.

Governor Bryant was so nice and spent a good deal of time just talking with all of us — he later wrote a little note to Shugie and gave Shug his email address.

We did the menorah lighting, the rabbi gave a short talk as did the governor, and we sang songs

The governor/state’s media person was there


This picture tickles me so much. After we were done and everyone was milling about, I asked Shug to come around to the other side of the table so I could take a picture of him and the menorah. When he came around, he accidentally bumped the corner of the table, and the menorah, fully lit, rocked back and forth — anyone seeing it would have thought for certain it would have gone over. Somehow, somehow, somehow, it managed to stay up. This smile in the pic below is the look of sweet relief that we both shared from not turning the home into a smoldering rubble. hahahaha!

We did a little impromptu tour of the home

From there, we took a day or two and drove up to Little Rock, as they were going to do their first Chanukah parade through the city. It was crazy fun! We met in West Little Rock, did a menorah lighting at a big intersection with a nice-size group and had latkes and doughnuts

We had a menorah put on top of Av’s Lexus (we were thrilled!)

then had a police escort to the capital building (soooooo pretty!!) with maybe a dozen or so other cars
Little Rock Chanukah Parade//

our destination was the Clinton Presidential Library where we lined up for pics with the car menorahs
Little Rock Chanukah Parade//

and the other menorah lighting was next to their Christmas tree, which was so pretty!

Oh — and see that banner about the Beatles exhibit? That’s the very same exhibit that was at the Grammy Museum in Cleveland last year. It will be here in Little Rock through April 2.

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