Hilton Baton Rouge, And What To Do When A False Hotel Fire Alarm Goes Off At 4:50am (doughnuts.)

We stayed a weekend at the Hilton Baton Rouge, which turned out to be in the perfect location — we were walking distance to the capitol, and visited the Louisiana State Museum, the LSU Museum of Art, and the Old Louisiana State Capitol. Downtown BR is super nice for walking and we got around almost everywhere we needed on foot (ah, except Sunday morning).

The hotel facade is pretty, but the rooms are pretty standard Hilton — not especially luxurious, but nice enough.
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We had a view of the river
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Hilton, Baton Rouge

On that Sunday, we were awakened a few minutes before 5am with the hotel fire alarm going off. Without wasting any time (and being sure to remind the boys we were going to be quick but calm), we walked down the stairs to stand outside. There was no smoke odor and no other signs of anything going on. What was most surprising was that although we were on one of the top floors, we were among the first dozen guests outside. As time went on, more and more people gathered outside, but unlike us, still sporting our pajamas and bed-tousled hair, so many others came down fully clothed for the day, makeup done, and so on. There were more people finally making their way out more than a half-hour after the alarm began.

We decided to make the best of things, and made it an adventure to walk downtown Baton Rouge in our pajamas. While it’s strange to see people at the gas station or CVS in their pjs, I told the boys this was our one time: we had a legitimate reason to walk around in pajamas.

Could we find a little restaurant serving a breakfast? A little grocery open to grab a bite? Some things to see on foot that we’d otherwise miss in the car? We had a good time walking around downtown, and of course that early on a Sunday, it was quiet and there was no traffic.

After about an hour, we decided to walk back to the car (the hotel was still under alarm — the management finally a while later decided someone had pulled the alarm as a prank, but that took a while) and Av treated us to Tiger Deaux-nuts when they opened at 6a. Pretty good.
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Unfortunate news for those who eat blueberry doughnuts for their antioxidant properties: this lawsuit against Krispy Kreme (which actually does make that complaint).

My hometown’s finest, Duchess Bakery, won the designation of ‘Alabama’s Best Doughnut‘ by al.com. If you don’t get them in the morning, still warm in the bag, you may freeze them and feel that bliss all over again when you figure out that if you zap them for 16 seconds with a damp paper towel on top…ahhhhmazing.

Duchess Bakery Doughnuts, Cullman AL//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

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