All Saints Day: St Roch And Gifts Of Thanks

National Shrine of Saint Roch// did a photo gallery of Mass at St. Roch cemetery today for All Saints’ Day. The national shrine of St Roch is there and I love to visit the alcove in which people leave their symbols of thanks. According to, …when miracles were reported at his intercession after his death, a popular cult developed and he is invoked against pestilence and plague. He is also the patron of invalids.

From Slate / Atlas Obscura:
When a yellow fever epidemic hit 19th century New Orleans, Reverend Peter Thevis, the pastor of Holy Trinity Catholic Church, prayed to St. Roch for relief and promised to build a shrine to him if the members of his parish were protected from the disease.

Though 40,000 people in New Orleans succumbed to yellow fever, Father Thevis’ community recorded no losses. The reverend therefore held up his end of the bargain and built St. Roch Chapel and the surrounding cemetery. The gates opened to the public in 1876.

Entrance is through the cemetery

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