Three Brothers Doing Good Wins

Last summer, Av and the boys met the owners of Three Brothers Bakerytheir history is here — such wonderful people who survived the Holocaust and made their way to Houston to continue their family business which began in the first half of the 1800s in Poland. The bakery is now in the hands of the fifth generation.

Three Brothers Bakery in Houston//

In May, a special segment of Good Morning America, called “Deals and Steals on Wheels” came to Houston to feature four local businesses (part of Small Businesses Week) who were running specials for the television audience. Three Brothers is well-known for their pecan pie, and they were included.
Three Brothers Bakery in Houston//

The piece included mention of how much good Three Brothers has been doing for the community — from the flooding to how they donate about a thousand pounds of baked items every week to Star of Hope Mission. From ABC13: “From that, Star of Hope spokesman Scott Arthur says at least 800 portions are distributed at its shelters.”
Fish Cookie from Three Brothers Bakery in Houston//

As a huge surprise, Three Brothers was awarded with a $10,000 check from the segment’s sponsor, Vistaprint! So nice!

BTW, Av got one of their challahs, and I have to tell you…
Challah from Three Brothers Bakery in Houston//

seriously. Best challah I have ever had. Ever, ever. (and yes they make them in regular challah shape too) Ohmygosh can’t wait to get back to Houston for another of these!!
Challah from Three Brothers Bakery in Houston//

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