Hyatt FQ And Happy Microclimates

Hyatt French Quarter, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. Actually there are so many ways I’m not sure how to start, but we’ll get there.

The service was super-attentive and everyone so nice.

Our room was *huge*
Hyatt French Quarter, New Orleans LA//

Hyatt French Quarter, New Orleans LA//

…and I’m not even showing the part of the room with the desk and bathroom.

We had french doors that went out to the pool area, and the sound was so well-insulated that we never knew anyone was ever outside. The boys were in this pool all the time, every day after camp.

So. We loved the location. We loved the room. We loved the pool. And I loved the thermostat.

That’s right. 45*. It actually went down to 45* on the thermostat. I like to sleep so cold that my body is wrapped in covers and only my mouth is peeking out so I can still breathe. I set it to 45* the first night thinking it would never get close, and guess what? In the morning, I half-expected snow to be on the carpet since we had magically achieved this only-in-my-dreams frosty microclimate. Oh yes.

To walk around the Quarter all day and the ‘feels like’ to be over 100*, then come home to this? OhYeah. OhYeah.

We don’t eat out every night — there are plenty of times we’ll go to Dorignac’s or Rouses and cobble things together for supper, but the boys decided their favorite pizza in town is at Pizza Delicious in the Bywater
Pizza Delicious, New Orleans LA//

Pizza Delicious, New Orleans LA//

Oh! One more thing about the Hyatt — a statue of Ignatius J. Reilly from A Confederacy of Dunces stands just outside the doors (the Hyatt used to be the D.H. Holmes Department Store where he would wait for his mother).

Late last year, LSU Press published ‘A Confederacy of Dunces Cookbook‘ with foods inspired by the book. NPR’s feature on it here.

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