Ziplining, And Zip Coaster?

We hosted some guests from Israel this summer, and one of the activities we did was take them ziplining at Red Mountain Park in Birmingham. *So fun!*

The first thing we came up on was the new Schaeffer Eye Center ‘Schaeffer Spectacles‘ sculpture — they’re a little hard to see at this time of day but so neat:
Schaeffer Glasses Sculpture at Red Mountain Park, Birmingham//
(and lots of love to Schaeffer, as that’s where I had my LASIK (best thing ever), they do so much for our community, and we know them — they’re just a great family.)

There are different things to do at the park: hike, a new Segway tour, and they also have an hour-long ziplining tour with seven different ziplines — that’s what we did.

The last time I ziplined was across the lake at Camp Mac with my adventure group. Ashley took this slow-mo vid of me going across! Hilarious!
Camp Mac//

This gave me a bit of a pause. I seriously didn’t think at first my legs were long enough so I could make it from board to board on that wobbly bridge

Did it. Heh. No makeup and not my greatest pic (so relieved I’m almost cross-eyed!!) but gosh am I so happy to have made it across!
Me in my ziplining gear//

Ziplining at Red Mountain Park, Birmingham//

So much crazy fun. Shug likes to do the zipline at the Birmingham Zoo. I think later this year we may take everybody to Georgia where they have the world’s largest zipline tour.

I just read that at the new Margaritaville Resort in Biloxi, they have a cloud coaster which is some kind of zipline ride — not sure, but maybe something like this?
Roller Coaster Zipline from Taylor-Rae Kotschenreuther on Vimeo.

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