Kevin Gillespie’s Revival

Av and I celebrated our anniversary in Atlanta, and decided to have lunch for the first time at Kevin Gillespie‘s Revival, which opened last summer.

It’s in a renovated home, and was kept decorated such that it feels very relaxed, with family portraits and tchotchkes about.

Simple, straightforward menu — what’s not shown here is that entrees may be ordered family-style which means that the table will be served one of the mains plus a selection of the day’s vegetables in bowls for sharing, cornbread, hors d’oeuvres, drinks, and dessert ($42/pp).
Revival, Decatur - Atlanta GA//

Shugie had the ‘Closed on Sunday’ chicken sandwiches (gold star if you knew immediately that meant a riff on Chick-Fil-A), Shugie had the meatloaf sandwich, and for Av, country fried steak.
Revival, Decatur - Atlanta GA//

Everyone was happy with their selections, and I think we all shared bites. While all of it was very good, it wasn’t the kind of delicious you think of the next day or tell yourself you can’t wait to go back.

The cornbread, pictured above right and again here with the soup beans, is based on Kevin’s great-grandmother’s recipe. Cooked in a cast-iron pan, it has that perfect crispy crunch on the outside but he somehow manages to get the interior almost a creamy consistency. Delicious.
Revival, Decatur - Atlanta GA//

Besides the bowl of soup, I decided to have the deviled ham tea sandwiches, which were served with quick pickles. Disappointing, though, that the filling was bland (deviled means deviled, right?) and while the top bread here is right, the bottom of each sandwich was hardly toasted at all and still from-the-loaf soft and spongy.
Revival, Decatur - Atlanta GA//

I think the next time, we may treat the boys to Kevin’s Gunshow, with the chefs each coming out to explain what they’ve just made. The ‘hired guns’ nights sound especially interesting. And I’m sure they’d love all the options at Krog Street Market (me too!). What they’d be most impressed with, though: Atlanta is getting a cat cafe this summer.

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