Baton Rouge Tab

Seth - Untitled 2014 - Baton Rouge LA//
Above: my picture of the work from August 2015.

*Thrilled* this morning to open my Chrome and see this piece in Baton Rouge, Lady Liberty, by Seth (the French artist Julien Malland) as the art for new tabs today in the Google Cultural Institute / Google Art Project app.

From the Museum of Public Art:

The Love Our Community Summer Youth Employment Program serves to give inner-city youth an opportunity to provide public service though the creation of community murals, learn more about the artistic process and the development of imagination, and to have the opportunity to work with world famous mural artists as mentors.

The Museum of Public Art has provided a venue for artists from all over the world to create murals in the South Baton Rouge Community resulting in the recognition of Baton Rouge as a driving force in public art. The 2014 summer youth program had two components: the creation of fifteen professional murals by visiting professional artists, and the creation of eight student collaborative murals.

One hundred twenty students and eight artists participated in a combination of tennis shoe painting workshops and live mural painting over four week period in the month of June 2014.

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