Thrillist’s Best Burger In America Is In Tupelo. And They’re Right.

We found a place we love in Tupelo. Neon Pig.

It even beat out ~30 other places, including Company Burger, Hog and Hominy, and in the finals, a place in San Francisco (though doesn’t it make you wonder how this turns out fairly since so many places are in high-density areas thus would seemingly have a larger voter pool, and how many people have had each?). Still, I imagine that the voters got it right.

Before we get too far, the Neon Pig is situated in a small space in just a regular, nothing-special shopping center. But that really has nothing to do with anything. This is what awaits inside.

Neon Pig, Tupelo MS//
Not just cowboy cut, but a Benton’s bacon-cured cowboy cut.

Black grouper, red snapper…
Neon Pig, Tupelo MS//

Among the cheeses, those from Many Fold Farm (Serenbe) — and at top, kimchi-marinated pork belly.
Neon Pig, Tupelo MS//

along with sage advice

Help yourself to a can or bottle of…and some fresh produce (and Sugaree’s) for home

Neon Pig, Tupelo MS

The boys wanted grilled cheese, and I decided to have the salad: tomatoes, corn, Benton’s, arugula, pickled onions, dressed with a combination of ‘white gold’ and harisa. Terrific. Sweet, sour, savory with pops of corn, meatiness of tomato. Will order this every time.
Neon Pig, Tupelo MS//

This is a deconstructed Smash burger — the one they are well-known for. Av’s a purist, so he orders just meat and bread. But this pie plate shows the accessories — Benton’s, cheddar, quick pickles, pickled onion, hoisin, and comeback:
Neon Pig, Tupelo MS//

Loved the burger. It’s a combination of aged filet, sirloin, ribeye, new york, and Benton’s. The way it’s cooked has a real backyard grill quality in taste. Perfect. Av thinks it’s right up there with Chez FonFon in Birmingham.
Neon Pig, Tupelo MS//

Go early or go late, because the word is out on how great this place is, and the seating capacity is crazy-small.

The bracket that Neon Pig won for best burger: here on Thrillist.

Next time in Tupelo, we’re trying their sister restaurant, Kermit’s Outlaw Kitchen.

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