Soldiers, Cupcakes, Huntress, And An Amalgamation

Space One Eleven has a very sweeet spot in our hearts, and they *always* have the most interesting windows in Birmingham — really compelling art.

On September 11, their “The Infanttree Project” opened, and the exhibit will be up through March 2016. It includes this piece by Larry Thompson, a professor at Samford:

Larry Thompson's 'The Infanttree Project' at Space One Eleven, Birmingham AL//

This is called ‘The Presidents’ Rug’ which is 10′ in diameter and is made up of plastic soldiers

Really striking in person.

Space One Eleven always has interesting pieces. In 2008, they were showing Spencer Shoults “Cupcakes!” (“Cupcakes! Ingredients: acetic acid, acrylic tubing, baking powder, bolts, distilled water, eggs, eye bolts, flour, food coloring, glass, glue, grain alcohol, graphite, honey, hose clamps, hydrogen peroxide, icing, masonite, milk, motor oil, nails, paint, plastic caps, pvc tubing, salt, screws, shortening, silicone, silicone tape, sprinkles, sugar, teflon tape, valves, vanilla extract, white wine, wire, wood”)

and last year, “The Huntress” by Stacey Holloway:

and “Amalgamation of Knowledge” by Jacob Phillips:

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