Furniture Store Beverages. Clear And Color.

I’ve been getting the DWR catalog since the company began, I think ~1999/2000 — but this was the first time I have been in one of their studios, in Atlanta. They are *super*-friendly. The minute I came in, they asked to give me a bottle of water and offered me to stay as long as I like and sit anywhere, that they would get anything I need, and were the perfect ratio of helpfulness and unobtrusiveness.

Have to say, though, the best furniture store experience from the past year was in Dallas when I went to — I think it was The Arrangement — and they offered me to sit and have a cocktail (probably them, esp since they have cocktail recipes on their site. Watermelon sangria? Yes.).  And that would have made spending $9-10k on one of the couches they had in front so much easier.



No one in a black dress will ever be able to sit in this chair.

So back to DWR.

I’ve needed this Le Corbusier chaise in my life for a long time now.
DWR Design Within Reach, Atlanta GA

My neighbors have a couple of Wassily chairs in black leather, but this one in cowhide is wonderful too:

My needs at DWR, though, are simple: Louis Ghost.

Okay, Magazine Street shops should be pouring drinks the minute you walk in, especially during the summer. So since we’re talking acrylic chairs, Villa Vici has:

Villa Vici, New Orleans LA//
…which looks so much more…glam?…in person.

Yes yes yes to all the color at Perch:

Perch, New Orleans//

My porch needs a disco ball too.

…and this inside-out bookcase. Tada!

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