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Threefoot Building, Meridian MS//

The Threefoot Building in Meridian has at long last been sold and will be renovated to contain a Marriott Courtyard hotel.

The gorgeous Broad Museum in LA: opening this week and YES a million times to the inaugural exhibition:

Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity Mirrored Room—The Souls of Millions of Light Years Away, a mirror-lined chamber housing a dazzling and seemingly endless LED light display, will be featured in the inaugural installation. This experiential artwork on the museum’s first floor has limited capacity, accommodating one visitor at a time for approximately 45 seconds, and will require a separate free timed ticket, which general admission ticket holders will be able to reserve after arrival at the museum.

Ben and Jerry’s official Texas state flavor: Bourbon Pecan Pie (barbecue peach lost).

So this is what the Olive and Sinclair Seersucker chocolates look like — and they’re ready to ship.

James Boyce, who owns Commerce Kitchen, Cotton Row, and Pane e Vino Pizzeria in Huntsville and Galley and Garden in Birmingham (I’ve been to all but his pizzeria now) is one of 135 chefs around the country taking part in a Thomas Bagels competition…he came up with a breakfast barbecue bagel. Have to say, it’s not easy to get too excited about Thomas brand. But then I looked at the other chefs, and Shelley Cooper of Terra Mae in Chattanooga, Martha Wiggins of Sylvain in NOLA, and several other really great chefs are participating.

I had lunch at James Boyce’s Galley and Garden two or three weeks ago:
Galley and Garden, Birmingham AL//

Beige, with a side of greige:

I ordered the grilled Norwegian salmon with herbed Israeli couscous, green beans, and lemon-dill yogurt. At one point, the waiter asked if they could substitute another fish and I agreed. Twenty seconds later, they came out with my and my friend’s dishes (if I had said no, I imagine they would have had to re-fire both dishes — why not ask me before cooking it? The difference between cod and grouper is one thing, but the difference between the salmon I ordered and this snapper is something else altogether. I’m okay with most any fish, but some people can be crazy-picky about it.).  And the plate came out an ugly, sloppy mess:
Galley and Garden, Birmingham AL//

above: the Blue Dog roadkill sidewalk stencil I found in New Orleans

In Things That Aren’t Fair news, the Great British Bake Off is showing in England right now. #Spoileralert: somebody explains how they pick up roadkill. They go on to make a pie.

At least no one got hit with a brisket.

..missing the epic meringue at the Twix-n-Tween (closed in the past year) in Centreville, Alabama

Anyway, there’s a restaurant in Calgary named Pie Cloud that has gorgeous meringue and the staff wear tees that read:
I’ve got 3.14 problems but Pie ain’t one

In Mobile last week, I saw that Bienville Books had a tee in the window that read:
I read dead people.

Someone is selling what they call Chicago-style barbecue in Shreveport and explains:
“When I say Chicago style, it’s rapid. It’s been done fast, very quick. This is not slow cooking. I can take a completely raw brisket and have it done in an hour and a half. It will be falling apart and so tender you can cut it with a plastic spoon”

Fried Jalapenos//
fried jalapenos.

San Antonio Museum of Art//
above: the Donald Lipski F.I.S.H. at the San Antonio Museum of Art

Hanna Raskin writes about the Charleston gefilte fish tradition in the Post and Courier:

At least since the early 1980s, Crosby’s has catalogued the itemized receipts of Jewish women who drag out their grinders in preparation for Passover Seders or meals served at either end of the High Holy Days, which started on Monday with Rosh Hashanah and end next Wednesday with Yom Kippur. The store’s stack of paperwork represents a unique, usable archive of Lowcountry Jewish cooking.

“I’m in there, absolutely,” says Cindi Solomon of Sullivan’s Island. “I call and ask to have the same fish he gave Joan Berlinsky. It’s just a cool feeling to be part of it: It’s bigger than a cookbook.”

Frito Chili Pie//
above: Frito chili pie at home

A couple of Toronto restaurateurs insist they had never heard of Frito pie when they invented a version with Doritos instead.  When asked by the Toronto Star why that choice of chip, they say that the Fritos are so ‘American’ and that Doritos are more Canadian.

Franklin BBQ, Austin TX//
above: the line at Franklin

Aaron Franklin is co-founding a new spring food festival in Austin, and this is refreshing:
“Our idea is to have an Austin festival that’s just awesome,” Franklin said. “We’re not building it with the intention to grow it.”

Also: Aaron Franklin rocked a prime cuts of unicorn tee (maybe this one?) on his show. Which…if you aren’t Tivoing BBQ with Franklin, you’re watching the wrong shows.

At Smithsonian: What 200 Years of African-American Cookbooks Reveal About How We Stereotype Food with author Toni Tipton-Martin of The Jemima Code: Two Centuries of African American Cookbooks.

above: from Rosh Hashanah this year — it’s tradition to eat a ‘new’ fruit…one that’s in season but we haven’t yet had since it became available — so I served (top right) starfruit. For the fish, I made little cornbread versions with my Lodge cast iron mold.  And over on the left, a birthday cake as the world celebrates 5776.  Black and whites, too!

Next year, I’ll try harder to find a Pawpaw fruit as they are in season beginning in August.

From Indiana Public Media: How did Americans forget about the PawPaw? (interview with Andrew Moore, author of Pawpaw: In Search of America’s Forgotten Fruit):
How did Americans forget about this and why? The easiest way to explain it is that when Americans stopped going to the woods for food, they stopped knowing the pawpaw.

Sister Louisa’s Church of the Living Room and Ping Pong Emporium in Atlanta was closed by fire Wednesday but sounds as though things will be fine.

In the words of Sister Louisa, ‘It is Our Duty to Catapult each other into Greatness.’

Meat and three lunch this week: from Sarris on 31st street in Birmingham, in a heavily industrial section of town. I was really only in the mood for vegetables, so I got a 2-veg plate, with northern beans and green beans and roll.  Very good.

And the sweetest Kiss Cam ever happened this week at a Braves game:


Watching on Amazon Prime: Crafted doc by Morgan Spurlock and Make Me a Match (English subtitles)
Reading: Meanwhile there are Letters: the Correspondence of Eudora Welty and Ross MacDonald

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