Wisteria, Found

Southern Accents magazine had this really terrific look.  Once Southern Accents left the publishing scene, it seemed as though Veranda was alone filling that niche.  And in the catalog space, Wisteria was right there.  Not hard to put together, but it was so much — that look (if you know Wisteria, you know that look) — thanks to the Newsom family.  Lisa Newsom helped with the start of SA, after several years over to Veranda, and it’s her son who owns Wisteria.

As far as Wisteria, they are terrific at adding in items from across the world that other sources simply aren’t bringing in, or don’t have an appreciation for.  I remember the first time I ever saw a Yoruba crown at a museum and thinking, “oh…I saw that first in Wisteria.”

And they always always always put together the best blue-and-white rooms, especially.

Thrilled to finally get to their shop, which really just looks like a big warehouse, super-close to the entrance to Love Field.

The next time I get in a making mood, seriously going to consider making a version of that checker table with the two different kinds of shells for the porch.
Wisteria Store, Dallas TX//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

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