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Doughburger from Latham's Hamburger Inn, New Albany MS//
above: Doughburger from Latham’s Hamburger Inn, New Albany MS

At Lucky Peach: A Day at the Slugburger Festival.

Pimento Cheese Display//
above: pimento cheese display at a local grocery store from a couple of years ago

The PGA Championship tried to do pimento cheese sandwiches a la Augusta (still getting over the recipe change there), and just look at that.

Nick Rangos, who is credited with developing the pimento cheese recipe used at Augusta, has passed away.

Folk Fest in Atlanta this weekend.

In the NYT: ‘Outsider Art’ Under One Roof at Katonah Museum of Art featuring five artists from the collection of William Louis-Dreyfus: James Castle, Thornton Dial, Nellie Mae Rowe, Bill Traylor and Willie Young.

West Virginia Public Broadcasting with: The Great Pepperoni Roll Debate: Sticks or Slices? Exploring Four of Appalachia’s Signature Foods and while I’ve heard of but never had a pepperoni roll, they also discuss ramps, paw paws, and of course…barbecue.

Political Sign for Haley Barbour at Cemetery Monument, Yazoo City MS//
above: I found this at a cemetery in Yazoo City MS in 2003

This is zero to me politically — not interested in politics here — but love it for the personal story:
An Unknown Truck Driver Just Became the Democratic Nominee for the Governor of Mississippi
He was too busy truck driving to vote for himself.
Robert Gray was driving a truck for his small business Fancy Horse Transportation on Monday. On Tuesday, he was the Democratic nominee for governor of Mississippi.

The 46-year-old from Terry, Mississippi, didn’t even vote in the primary, allegedly too busy operating his independent livestock hauling business. His opponent, incumbent Governor Phil Bryant, has a reported $2.8 million cache in his campaign fund, while Gray is living day to day without health insurance.

Cochon Butcher, New Orleans LA//
above: from a visit to Cochon Butcher in New Orleans

Cochon Butcher is opening in Germantown August 29.

Also: some of the latest on Nashville food trucks.  And: Nashville is going to have a kosher hot chicken festival this fall!  Yes!!

above: at Dooky Chase’s

Beautiful Leah Chase talks to NPR about how she knew she had to rebuild after the levees failed.

A writer at HuffPo talks about how he fell in love with Birmingham for one reason: George Bellows’ ‘The Barricade’ in the collection at the Birmingham Museum of Art. BTW, the Hale Woodruff murals from Talladega College exhibit closes September 6. Looking forward to the Haitian Flags exhibit coming in December.

Roadside Bar-B-Que, 1st Ave N, Birmingham AL//
above: Road Side Bar-B-Que on 1st Ave N

While we’ve all seen too many of the click-bait best barbecue lists, Fox runs a feature on the twelve ‘America’s Most Influential BBQ Pitmasters and Personalities‘ and it looks as though someone watched a couple hours of television, maybe a combination of Food Network and whatever channel is hosting that bbq competition cookoff show, and called it a day (and a deadline). That’s not what the landscape, the true personalities of American barbecue looks like.

It immediately made me think of the makeup of the Fatback Collective — a grouping of respected names including Donald Link, Sean Brock, John Currence, Ashley Christensen — which calls themselves “a dynamic group of Southern chefs, writers and farmers” and “…challenges the status quo…Fatback has expanded to include chefs, restaurateurs, thinkers, and entrepreneurs from beyond the region” so one would expect to see a diverse group of faces in the lineup, yet it’s not at all a diverse group: 1 in 19.  That’s not representative of any grouping of chefs, restaurateurs, thinkers, and entrepreneurs that any of us know.  So that *is* obviously status quo.  Representative, no matter what kind of good work and wonderful things one does for the broader community, is the way to go.  Let’s all do better.  Always working.

Uneeda Biscuit Sign, Meridian MS//
above: the Uneeda Biscuit sign in Meridian

Willa Jean, the new bakery by chef Kelly Fields (in partnership with Lisa White and part of the John Besh group) is opened August 6 in the CBD.  Kelly Fields already makes all the desserts for the Besh restaurants besides Domenica.
The sweets include homemade ice cream, a peach and blackberry cobbler, and warm chocolate chip cookies that come with a cup of vanilla-infused milk and a beater full of raw cookie dough.
A faux brick wall is painted with a Uneeda Biscuit advertisement. Above the dining room, chandeliers that look like bundles of white balloons hang from the high ceiling. Above the bar, the light fixtures are actually mixer attachments from a Hobart mixer.

At the NYT, the Willa Jean recipe for Peach, Blackberry, and Bourbon Cobbler.

Graceland Too, June 2014//
above: Graceland Too, 2014

The Guardian, with Death at the Elvis museum: A month before Ferguson erupted, an old white man in Mississippi, famous for his shrine to the King, shot and killed a young black man. Police cleared him. Two days later he was dead Read the piece and you will wonder if the person writing the title even read the article.  This is a terrific, well-written piece, though.

Let me tell you somethin’, Paul opened the door for Dwight because he knows him,” she began. “For real. It was a reason that Dwight went there, that only I know, but I won’t say right now. I just want you to know about Dwight and Paul. My best friend and his associate. Paul would never have done that. No, Paul’s not the bad guy. And [Dwight’s] not the bad guy either. Whatever happened Gd intended to happen. He never would have hurt him, no sir.” Her voice began to raise a few octaves as her hands trembled. “We stayed at this man’s house. Only a few people got to see the upstairs. We got to see what downstairs and the upstairs was like. We had it all. Literally.”

Cindi, increasingly emotional, assured us that no break-in had taken place, that the story the police were telling was surely inaccurate. McNally suggested that maybe Paul didn’t recognise Dwight and that is what caused the shooting. Cindi shook her head. I asked if he had simply gone to Paul’s house to talk. She didn’t respond to either question.

“It killed Paul. Reality set in that he killed his friend, Dwight D Eisenhower. He had nicknames for both of us. He called me CC Rider,” she said, the tears finally escaping down her face. “There is more to this story than people will ever know.”

The Benedictine Sisters at Sacred Heart Monastery in Cullman did a lovely post with several pictures for the ceremony whereby Sister Sara Aiden Burress made her Perpetual Monastic Profession. So beautiful and interesting.

How a Photographer Helped a Georgia Town Desegregate its Proms
They reveal the hypocrisy of the older generation — in this case the parents, school administrators, and local politicians who perpetuated a racist culture in their town — and how it damages the optimism of the younger.

A GoFundMe campaign is less than $1000 from meeting its goal to help the food truck in Odessa, Texas that was torched after its owners offered to burn CSA battle flags. The fire is under investigation.

The summer issue of The Strand includes an until-now unpublished 1939 F. Scott Fitzgerald story, “Temperature,” which for decades had been considered lost.

At CBS: The Fall and Rise of Jason Isbell
Jason Isbell’s road to his chart-topping new album came with many pitfalls. “Something More Than Free” features songs about the under-privileged people of the rural South, but the roots-rocker also sings about his battle with addiction. Anthony Mason talks to Isbell and his wife, musician Amanda Shires, about his alcohol abuse and newfound sobriety, and their musical collaboration.

Lambert's Cafe, Foley AL//
above: the Lambert’s in Foley, Alabama

As one person said, this is why we can’t have nice things: Lambert’s Cafe (the one in Missouri) sued for throwed roll injury. Get ready to sign your waivers.

A YA book, Tru and Nelle, about the childhood friendship between Truman Capote and Nelle Harper Lee, is slated to be released spring 2016.

The Monroeville office on the square which housed A.C. Lee’s law practice is now on the market.

TKAM on Broadway?

And Brilliant Books in Traverse City, Michigan has decided that if you preordered “Go Set a Watchman,” you deserve an apology and a refund.

#pielove: A Minnesota woman makes 56 sweet potato comfort pies and delivers them to Wednesday night prayer service at Mother Emanuel in Charleston.

PBS stations across the nation to air ‘A Few Good Pie Places’ on August 25.

Louisiana State Museum expected not to renew lease with Irene’s Cuisine, which has space in building with thousands of artifacts, in 2018:
“We love Irene. We love her. But we’ve got some needs,” Wheat said.

Keeping a restaurant under three stories of rare pieces of Louisiana history is also unwise, Tullos said.

“You’ve got 300 years of history over an open flame,” he said.

John Archibald goes to the Black Belt and comes back with a story on my friend Kristin Law: This Alabama woman finally made it — when she made it back home

Yes to American Public Radio:
Ten years ago, over three hundred men, women and children disappeared from a small town in Tennessee, never to be heard from again.

In this seven-part podcast, American Public Radio host Lia Haddock asks the question once more, “What happened to the people of Limetown?

Happy to say that when I was in 4th grade, living in Dumas, then Sunray, Texas (days of playing with my Breyer horses, reading Horse Illustrated and The Black Stallion, and 4-H meetings) I went to Amarillo to pick out and order my first-ever leather name belt with silver-and-gold quarter horse buckle just to go to the XIT Rodeo in Dalhart. It’s also the world’s largest free barbecue:

Av at Magic Burger, Attalla AL//
above: Av in his Delta State Fighting Okra shirt

Very nice, NEH:
For the seventh year, The Delta Center for Culture and Learning at Delta State University has been awarded a grant in this category for “The Most Southern Place on Earth: Music, History, and Culture of the Mississippi Delta” workshops.


A gallery in the Meatpacking District has been forced out because Restoration Hardware is opening a 14-room luxury hotel.

Thinking of this as the Rural Studio for meal planning: healthy, flavorful meals for $4/day.

Nudie Cohn’s granddaughter is planning to reopen a version of the family business this October.

Best doorstop ever?

The Sylacauga Blue Bell is shipping ice cream again.

Perhaps because the world has maxed-out on pumpkin spice, M and M’s are rolling out pecan pie flavor this year.

Yes to intricately folded napkins:

Maybe your place of worship has a family center complete with basketball court and gym. But does it have a gun range like the new one at Rocky Mount United Methodist in Jemison?

I’ve been a Kiva supporter (Kiva is an organization that does microloans to people around the world) for a few years now, and they’re doing a promotion — this is their wording:
Right now you can make a free $25 Kiva loan to entrepreneurs around the world working to support their families and improve their communities! I’m already lending on Kiva and thought you’d like it:

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