San Antonio Museum of Art, Part 3 of 3

Last installment from this visit to the San Antonio Museum of Art. So happy to see the ‘Diego Rivera in San Antonio’ exhibit, which included his ‘The Bricklayer’ from 1904, done when he was just 18:

Here, his ‘The Siesta’:
'The Siesta' by Diego Rivera, San Antonio Museum of Art//

‘Carrying Water’ by Roberto de la Selva, 1934:

‘Peasant Family’ Roberto de la Selva, 1934:

‘Woman from Tehuantepec’ by Miguel Covarrubias, 1944:

‘People from Tehuantepec’ by Roberto Montenegro, 1932:

‘Saint Isidore the Farmer’ by Joaquin Castanon, 1866 with him interestingly not dressed as the 12th c. Madrid farmer (according to tradition, he spent so much more time with the church than his fields that G-d sent an archangel to help with his plowing), rather here he’s depicted in 19th c. Bolivian dress:

‘Sor Maria Francisca de san Celletano’ by Felix Zarate, 1840:

Sor Maria Francisca de san Calletano by Felix Zarate, San Antonio Museum of Art

Desk, ca. 1838:

and from a *completely* different collection, this fabulous basketry figure of a wild pig from the Sepik River Region of Papua New Guinea:
'Basketry Figure of Wild Pig' at San Antonio Museum of Art//

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