Happy Camper Mail

Shug went to sleepaway camp for the first time this year — a full week. He had a *wonderful* doing new activities and making new friends…

What made me feel better (he was totally ready…I on the other hand was a little emotional about him being away from home so far away for so many days) was knowing that every day he was going to get some cool mail — sometimes we sent regular cards:

..and I decorated envelopes of other cards (always with the return address as his ‘fanclub’):


…sent postcards:

…mailed pictures of Eugene and the chickens as postcards:
(you can mail a regular picture through the USPS — just write your message and address on the back with stamp and treat it like a regular postcard)

…made him a cut-out word envelope from phrases I found in magazines:

…and the coup de grace, we mailed him a frisbee and a beach ball (which was still inflated when it got to him!! The post office here was like uh…ooookaaaayyy but technically it’s okay to mail. Things don’t have to be in a box. Plus as long as you send something less than 13 ounces, it can go first class).  He thought it was cool.  I’m already thinking of fun things to send next year. For starters, boomerang!
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