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Bob Sykes Bar-B-Q in Bessemer, AL

The inaugural Alabama Barbecue Hall of Fame (restaurants which have been in business 50+ years).

Columbus Wall by William Christenberry at Columbus Museum, Columbus GA
above: Columbus Wall by Christenberry at the Columbus Museum in Columbus, Georgia

Interview with William Christenberry by WFDD for his new show at Hemphill Fine Arts in Washington, which is up through August 1.

August 22, the Montgomery Museum of Art will put on exhibit “William Christenberry: Tracing a Line” a survey of works on paper.

The recipe for blackberry bourbon barbecue sauce from Southern Gentleman’s Kitchen.

Pasaquan, Outside Buena Vista GA
above: from a visit to Pasaquan in 2012

Restoring the Art and Mystery of Pasaquan from Georgia Public Broadcasting

“Fort Benning is only a few miles from here,” says Fussell. “Kids would come down who were about to be deployed and get some advice about what their future might hold. He didn’t really forecast the future and all. He gave what amounts to life advice.”

On some mornings, Fussell says carloads of people including housewives, gamblers and bankers would be parked out front, waiting for Martin to get out of bed to tell their fortunes. “He called himself the poor man’s psychiatrist.”

Ohr-O'Keefe Museum, Biloxi MS

WLOX reports that:
The Ohr O’Keefe Museum in Biloxi is changing its mission and bringing new ideas. Instead of showcasing art, its board members are branching out to new ideas to keep the doors of the museum swinging open with visitors.

Is the takeaway that they’ll be doing exhibits that take up more of the entire campus from now on, like the new Katrina+10?

Greenbrier Restaurant, Madison AL
above: lunch at Greenbrier Restaurant

Men’s Journal: Why 2015 is the Year of Alabama BBQ

The Depths of Poverty in the Deep South (this was posted last week but much of the interviewing must have taken place last year as they were talking about the cotton harvest)

Uprooting the widespread alcoholism in Tchula will prove to be tough task, considering the extent to which it’s become normalized in day-to-day life. Police officers look the other way when people drink in public because, according to the mayor, they know most residents can’t afford the ticket for public intoxication, and the town can’t afford to pay the county jail to house an offender if an officer makes an arrest. Every afternoon, 18-wheelers from various beer companies pull into the gas stations on Route 49 like clockwork, restocking their inventory and providing a seemingly endless pipeline of intoxicants to the town. Even the calendar on the mayor’s desk, which contained all of her meetings and appointments, was a promotional Bud Light calendar.

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