It Came As A Vision: Matzah Ball Soup Bar

After visiting Kenny and Ziggy’s for the first time last summer and seeing how they serve their matzah ball soup:
Kenny & Ziggy's, Houston TX

I was inspired with this idea, which we published in an issue of SJL last year — matzah ball soup bar.

Chicken, noodles, matzah balls, carrots, onions, celery, snap peas, mushrooms…
My Idea: Matzah Ball Soup Bar
(of course there are the matzah balls, which I go ahead and put in individual bowls, then guests just add whatever of this they like)

We’ve all been to wedding pasta bars, cupcake bars, popcorn bars, mashed potato bars…so…

I set up a charoset bar at seder so people can make their own (because that way people can go extra raisin — or golden instead of the usual purple, and use pecans or pistachios or walnuts or cashews, do a white wine instead of red…that’s the whole idea.  A variety of honeys is interesting.  Plus then I don’t have to worry about putting nuts in a group charoset when someone might have an allergy or just plan preference against something or another).  Here’s one that I was in the midst of setting up.  And it’s just fun.:
Charoset Bar

Love it.

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