New Orleans Botanic Garden, And 4th Graders Everywhere Rejoice!

The wonderfulness that is the New Orleans Botanical Garden at City Park:


I think these are Gingerlily:

Definitely want to plant these — they have…it’s almost like a flower in a flower:



Thai Ginger:

Thai Ginger

American Ginger (about to laugh about something!):

Ginger (about to laugh!)

Water lily:
Water lily

It is perfection.
New Orleans Botanical Garden

New Orleans Botanical Garden

New Orleans Botanical Garden

Gorgeous, gorgeous public garden design from the WPA and Art Deco period…and then you just walk right across the street to the Besthoff Sculpture Garden, and into the Museum of Art, and maybe make a break somewhere for Morning Call…  It is just one of the most wonderful places to be.

Not botanical gardens, but the government has made available to all 4th graders membership in ‘Every Kid in a Park‘ which will gain them and their families free entrance into national parks!

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