Ghost, In Bullet Casings

Av and I had just been talking about Charles Hoffacker’s art when he happened to visit Treo in New Orleans on Tulane Avenue with some friends.  He knew I’d be happy when he sent me these pics of Hoffacker’s ‘Ghost of Telly Hankton‘ (if you’re interested in seeing it, call and make sure it’s still on display).

Charles Hoffacker Art: Ghost of Telly Hankton

The work was completed in 2012, is 42″ x 56.5″, made up of .40 cal spent rounds on a plywood base, finished with oxidation chemicals and polish.  It was being offered at $14k.

Charles Hoffacker Art: Ghost of Telly Hankton

The artist was in the news last summer as part of an investigation into a complaint that was made, alleging that he used a murder victim’s blood to write a message at the crime scene.  His lawyer noted that the case was blown out of proportion, that the crime scene wasn’t compromised and the victim had long been moved from the scene.

Next month Treo is having a month-long ‘ArtPolice’ show, with opening reception:
Come for the opening reception of this New Orleans Police Officer exhibition…there will be complimentary libations.

The exhibition is curated by Charlie Hoffacker and highlights his work and other police officers with artistic talent.

Join him and fellow officers , Liz Garcia, M NOLA Rolla Watson and James ” Pepe” Martin and help raise money for the 1st district.

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