Taqueria Jalisco, And One Day TerraMae

On our way to Knoxville, we were looking for somewhere new to have lunch in Chattanooga.  In comfy traveling clothes and thus looking for something informal, quick, inexpensive, and hopefully new to us, a search on Yelp and UrbanSpoon agreed wholeheartedly (5* on Yelp and 96% approval on US) that we should dive directly to Taqueria Jalisco at 1634 Rossville Ave.


Really, it seems to be a food truck with two very small dining areas, the main one permanent where orders are taken and the other larger one walled in for colder weather.

Sope, tamale, guacamole — all excellent.  We really liked this place — exactly what we were looking for.  Fast, inexpensive, fresh and delicious.  We even made friends with one of the men working there, helping him put together one of the space heaters.  Will be back:
Taqueria Jalisco, Chattanooga TN

Next time in Chattanooga when we’re looking for something more formal, this sounds divine:
TerraMae Appalachian Bistro — they have their own dedicated farm, and (what I’m particularly looking forward to), the ‘Appalachian Lunchable’:
Deviled Eggs, Pickled Shrimp, Benne Seed Bacon, Bleu Cheese Pimento Spread, Rosemary Biscuits,
Tennessee Country Ham, Pickled Vegetables. 

Pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty.

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