Oh Galette de Rois, Oh King Cake, Oh Yes.

Now let’s talk about Mardi Gras deliciousness.  I love making this traditional Galette de Rois for Mardi Gras season:
Galette des Rois

King Cake, Mardi Gras 2011
I am each year perfecting my recipe for the round, yeast-based king cakes that we see more often here, and if I get it exactly right this year, I’ll post it.  Ah.  We shall see.

The king cakes at Sucre are perhaps the prettiest, and they sell these as (completely delectable, oh these are so good) pastries during the year:

Mini King Cake Pastry at Sucre on Magazine

From the WSJ: The Surprise in Your King Cake Might Be No Prize at All: For Safety, Some Bakeries Leave Out Baked-In Trinkets; Children Cry

Here, some antique (c. 1900) French king cake babies I saw on display at The Presbytere:
Antique King Cake Babies

Meanwhile, I’m watching The Kingcaker and Eater’s map.

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