La Storia: Birmingham’s Italian Community

There’s this weird part of me that loved having a couple of bare spots on walls for a few months because we had art on loan to a museum.  Which I know, ridiculous.  The fun part is that our Picassos, Cezannes, and Renoirs — I mean, oh wait.  You know us.  When the Vulcan Park and Museum in Birmingham put a call out for people who have any kind of Vulcan memorabilia and art to bring it in for possible inclusion for their ‘Vulcan Keepsakes: Iron Man Memorabilia from the Birmingham Community’ — well, we answered.  They displayed the painting I commissioned with Melissa Gay, of Vulcan holding a menorah (a gift for Av a few years ago):

Vulcan Exhibit, Vulcan Museum in Bham AL

The commemorative Vulcan figure that was created for the first LEGO store grand opening in B’ham (Av and I had to stand in line with our double stroller the first day to get it, as it was only available for the first 300 customers, and we knew we had a couple of block-loving boys on our hands):

Vulcan Exhibit, Vulcan Museum in Bham AL

And these super-fun pieces by Peyton Glanton, that I got here:
Vulcan Exhibit, Vulcan Museum in Bham AL

When the Vulcan memorabilia exhibit ended and we went by the museum to get our pieces, we got to see the new exhibit, ‘La Storia: Birmingham’s Italian Community’:
Birmingham Italian Exhibit, Vulcan Museum, Birmingham

In the exhibit was this item, and I think this was the first time I’ve seen one of these — a ballot box with the black and white rounds, from which the term ‘blackballed’ came about.  I have this terrific friend who’s a Mason and explained this back when I was in college when I used to ask him a thousand different Mason questions, some of which he wouldn’t/couldn’t answer (which I totally respect and find fascinating).  How many hopes and dreams were made or dashed via this box?  
Italians of Birmingham Exhibit at Vulcan Museum, Birmingham

Excited about these upcoming exhibits:
Conor O'Brien's Studio at Lowe Mill in Huntsville AL
The Red Clay Survey at the Huntsville Museum of Art, through October 26 (the pic above is the studio at Lowe’s Mill in H’ville of my friend Conor O’Brien, who is included in this show)

Leaving Mississippi: Reflections on Heroes and Folklore at the Columbus Museum, through January 4, 2015

Mi Casa, Your Casa at the High, through November 2

WELL SUITED: The Costumes of Alonzo V. Wilson for HBO’s® Treme at the Mobile Museum of Art, beginning November 8

Accalia and the Swamp Monster: Works by Kelli Scott Kelley at the LSU Museum of Art

American Ballads: the Photography of Marty Stuart at the Frist, through November 2

William Edmondson and Friends: Breaking the Mold at Cheekwood, through January 4, 2015

Prospect.3 all over New Orleans beginning late this month

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