Drive-Thru Prayer

There was an article this week about a church in Houston that offers drive-thru prayer.  From Christianity Today:
The prayer drive-thru is especially ideal for busy people and those who many never step inside a church or pray on their own.

“It’s so unique in this fast world that we live in today,” El Alfarero Pastor John Lopez told ABC13. “Look at your drive-through restaurants. Their windows are packed every day.”

Drivers and their passengers simply wind down their windows to receive prayer about their given topic from church volunteers.

“If you need prayer, no matter what background you are, we all need a prayer, we all need someone to pray with us, and that’s what it’s for,” said co-pastor Danny Quintanilla.

I’m the lone Jew in a group that meets each week, which is at its core, a church group.  I think it started non-denominational at a private school (and I was invited by a good friend who is a mom at that school) but now affiliates with a local church.  The girls who make up the group are so terrific and we enjoy each other’s company while we do crazy-fun things like hiking, horseback riding, stand-up paddleboarding…  I pray for them in my (Jewish) way, and they pray for me and everyone else in their way.  I pray all the time: at my kitchen sink, in the shower, in the car, at my synagogue, in little spaces between thoughts fifty times a day.  It is immensely fulfilling to pray for and be prayed for.

Now, this is the place in my hometown where I get dressed up to pray with a group:
Temple Beth-El, Birmingham AL

But would I do a drive-thru prayer?  Oh Yes.

Here’s one I found three years ago in Decatur, at what looked like a tire shop:
Drive-Thru Prayer, Decatur AL

Peace be with us all, friends.

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