Montgomery, Curated By Nall

The last time we stayed overnight in Montgomery, we decided to stay at the Renaissance Hotel (it’s one of the Marriotts that the RSA has) because I’d heard it had been completely filled with art curated by Nall.

Renaissance Montgomery Hotel and Spa, Montgomery AL

Renaissance Montgomery Hotel and Spa, Montgomery AL

We had a great view of the depot and the Alabama River.
View of Depot

View of Alabama River

One of the big pluses of staying here is that at night you can walk down to the riverfront through the tunnel that’s lit with differently colored lights (another Bill FitzGibbons work? I don’t think so, but it’s definitely inspired by him if not). Here’s Shug running through it:

We walked all over downtown, then came back to the hotel to see the art. These pieces behind check-in are by Mary Catherine Watson:
Mary Catherine Watson

Charlie Lucas:

Charlie Lucas

'Horse Outside the Wheel' by Charlie Lucas

JJ Gaudel:
'Words of Wisdom #11' by JJ Gaudel

Kyle Braund:
'Life Without Blemish' by Kyle Braund

Yvonne Wells:

'Marilyn Monroe' by Yvonne Wells

Quilt by Yvonne Wells

Quilt by Yvonne Wells

This (nearly two story) installation is by Nall:


Neal Brantley:
Neal Brantley

Amber Hall:
'Coosa River in January' by Amber Hall

Mike Handley:
'On the Vine' by Mike Handley

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