Adventures, Roll Tide, And Happy Birthday

I am so thankful to have been asked to join a group of women who go out every week and do something adventurous! We just started for the year, and our first week was hiking, then the following week was horseback riding, and this week, I got on a paddleboard for the first time (it was fun and I only fell off once!).
Adventure Women

The farm we went to for horseback riding had this pair of ‘gypsy horses’ — developed by the Roma in Europe to pull the vardoes:
Gypsy Horses

Over the weekend, we were treated by friends to an Alabama game!  Av and I have been to games since the boys have been born, but this was their first and they *loved* it!  Shug even made his own sign!
Roll Tide!

And these two very cute about-to-go-swimming brothers wish their niece B a happy first birthday!!

Boys Love Brianna

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