A Toast Over Fried Pies

Fried Pies

My friend Suzanne, who was a director at a college here, took a position at Harvard.  Harvard!!  Suzanne and I have been friends over ten years.  Her house was always ready for Southern Living to come over and do a photoshoot.  Her garden was always lush and beautiful and fragrant.  Her taste was incredible.

We did too many girlfriend lunches and suppers to count, we’d talk about where to get the world’s best rutabagas and collards, and we’d sup at white tablecloth establishments with tiny-trendy dishes.  She knew where to get the best antiques and shared my love of the handmade, of wabi-sabi.

But best of all, my perfect-perfect Suzanne was always there.  Laughs, hugs, tears.  She always had, and will always have, my heart.

Now she’s a blessing to everyone in Cambridge.

I’ll be up there soon and often, maybe we’ll find a way to get a little summer in at Martha’s Vineyard, then lighthouse-hop in Maine.  Rather than chasing rutabagas and collards, we’ll find the best places for lobster rolls and clam strips.

Got to be with Suzanne and soak up her magic.

For our last repast for a while, we decided to toast everlasting friendship no matter the distance over fried pies.  It just felt right.

Here’s to the family we’re lucky enough to make for ourselves.  What a gift it is.  xoxo!

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