Domenica, New Orleans

With all the awards Domenica and chef Alon Shaya have received, we were really looking forward to giving it a try (plus, we’re still trying to get to all the John Besh restaurants and I think now we’ve done them all, with the exception of Besh Steak (which I’m really not missing because the idea of another casino steakhouse just doesn’t…inspire) and La Provence (which does look interesting and wonderful) in Lacombe).

So! Domenica! The restaurant is in the Roosevelt Hotel on Baronne, so afterwords — or as a prelude — you can go to the beautiful Sazerac Bar there and have…what else?  A sazerac.

And Av kinda-sorta in a round-about way knows Alon Shaya, and he even came out to say hi to us, which was super nice.

Domenica, New Orleans
Couldn’t come here and not get the pizza and there were so many truly delicious-sounding options…

Of course you start with incredible bread:
Domenica, New Orleans

…and I completely overloaded on carbs with the bread + pizza (anchovy) + the little cookie dessert they brought out.  And it was all really terrific although next time, although I truly love anchovies, I’d have the clam or lamb pizza.  Av had a fish entree and it was *amazing*.
Domenica, New Orleans

Next time I would probably make an entire meal of the roasted cauliflower (Bon Appetit ran the recipe here).

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