When You’re Lost Everything’s A Sign, HoB, And The Upcoming Slotin Sale

One thing I got to see at the Ogden was the House of Blues exhibit, ‘When You’re Lost, Everything’s A Sign’ — bless you, Isaac Tigrett for seeing the beauty in art.  The collection includes over 10,000 works and of course only a small fraction in this show, but it was amazing.  Here, just a few of the works included:

Earl Simmons:
Earl Simmons

R.A. Miller:

R.A. Miller

Lonnie Holley:

Lonnie Holley

Jake McCord:

Jake McCord

L.V. Hull:

L.V. Hull

Missionary Mary Proctor:

Missionary Mary Proctor

James ‘Buddy’ Snipes:

James 'Buddy' Snipes

Mr. Imagination:
Mr. Imagination

Jimmy Lee Sudduth:

Jimmy Lee Sudduth

James ‘Son Ford’ Thomas:

James 'Son Ford' Thomas

Mary T. Smith:

Mary T. Smith

Ab the Flagman:
Ab the Flagman

Mose T:

Mose T

B.F. Perkins:

B.F. Perkins

B.F. Perkins

Joe Light:

Joe Light

Purvis Young:

Purvis Young

Herbert Singleton:
Herbert Singleton

Leroy Almon Sr.:

Leroy Almon Sr.

Leroy Almon Sr.

Leroy Almon Sr.

Archie Byron:

Archie Byron

Archie Byron

Archie Byron

Prophet Royal Robertson:

Royal Robertson

Ronald Cooper:
Ronald Cooper

Fred Webster:

Fred Webster

Sybil Gibson:

Sybil Gibson

J.L. Nipper:

J.L. Nipper

Rev. Howard Finster:

Howard Finster

Howard Finster

Howard Finster

Shane Campbell:

Shane Campbell
Afterward, we all had supper at House of Blues — really, I’ve tried to avoid it all this time because it’s a chain after all, and you have to figure that Aaron Sanchez behind the menu or not, the emphasis here is on the music (although I realize one of the most short-sighted things I’ve done was pass up the gospel brunch at the HoB in Las Vegas when we were given tickets).  Sure enough, the food wasn’t that great but the boys had a good time and of course we got to be around more art:

House of Blues, New Orleans

House of Blues, New Orleans

The next Slotin art auction — ‘Delta Blues to Visual Blues’ begins April 26, and the catalog is here.  Many, many of the aforementioned artists are included in this sale.  Other interesting pieces available: Lanier Meaders face jug, Sam Doyle, Clementine Hunter quilt, Sister Gertrude Morgan, and a ‘Robert Johnson (1911-1938). Walkin’ Blues and Sweet Home Chicago. Full-Range Recording Vocalion. #03601, dated, 1937. U.S. Patent 1,637,544, Lab copy by Brunswick Record Corporation. #SA2630 and #SA2582′ estimated at $4-6k.

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