#FranklinBBQline: The Queue For the ‘Cue

If you have a barbecue restaurant, may the line to your register be so long as to warrant its own Twitter account.

Franklin BBQ in Austin — we’ve been there twice, once when they were sold out already (knew that would happen but had to try anyway) and another when we just didn’t have the time to tailgate in the parking lot:

Franklin BBQ, Austin TX

Franklin BBQ, Austin TX

Well, the line at Franklin has its own Twitter account now.

If you ever wonder if you can get some advice maybe on how to make such deliciousness that people literally wait for hours on end to get a taste, your prayers will be answered in 2015:
In collaboration with KLRU-TV and Austin PBS, the new series, “BBQ with Franklin,” will educate its viewers on all things barbecue: its history, its techniques and its overall culture. From choosing the right kind of wood and temperature to learning how to properly slice a brisket, “BBQ with Franklin,” set to air in 2015, will answer questions about perfecting the art of smoking and barbecuing meats.

“It’s cool to learn stuff,” Franklin said. “People ask so many questions and send so many emails on, like, ‘How hot should I cook this?’ ‘What should I do?’ It seems like it would be easy to just show them.”

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