Mommy, I Want To Be A Krispy Kreme

This year for Purim, Shugie wanted to be a king (King Ahashverosh) and Shug wanted to be a Krispy Kreme doughnut.  This of course would work as a Halloween costume too — love happy costumes!

Thankfully for me, there was no sewing involved!  It only took two sheets of foam core (there are three things I get at the dollar store: actually cute gift bags (why on earth did I spend $5+ for gift bags all this time?!?), gift bag tissue paper packs (lots of sheets for little $), and foam core board which is worlds less than anywhere else and I have many purposes for it), gold spray paint, white tempera paint, hot glue, and colorful straws:

1.) I cut the foam core into circles, cut out an inner hole, then spray painted both pieces with gold spray paint
2.) Once dry, I painted two coats of white tempera paint with a foam brush on in a freehand manner so as to make them look like the doughnuts had icing
3.) Colorful straws were cut, then hot-glued on to appear as sprinkles:
Shug's Krispy Kreme Doughnut Purim Costume

I had Shug hold a doughnut in front of him and I cut burlap straps to make a good length between the front side of the doughnut and the one that would be on his back.  Make sure when marking on the foam core that there’s enough allowance to easily slip it on/off.  Just take it off, hot glue the burlap straps (or you could use ribbon) according to the marks, and it’s ready!
Shug's Krispy Kreme Doughnut Purim Costume

It turned out nice! Our local Krispy Kreme even gave us extra bags so that we could package our shalach manot (snacks and small gifts) in theme for the holiday.  Shug has a tradition for the last couple of years that he donates groceries to a local food closet in honor of his friends on this holiday, too.  Yay!  Proud of my favorite KK!
Shug's Krispy Kreme Doughnut Purim Costume

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