We Heart Vulcan

Several months ago, a call went out from the Vulcan Park and Museum for residents to bring items for an upcoming exhibit, ‘Vulcan Keepsakes: Iron Man Memorabilia from the Birmingham Community’ which is up now through September 7 of this year.  This is the 110th year since Vulcan was cast and became the world’s largest cast iron statue.

Av and I brought three different items, and they all made it into the show (it isn’t every day you can tell someone visiting your home that alas, the empty spot on the wall is because you loaned your art to a museum):

This is a painting by Melissa Gay that I commissioned several years ago as a Chanukah gift for Av. I only asked that she have Vulcan holding a Chanukah menorah but was so tickled by how wonderful she made it:

This set by Peyton Glanton, that I purchased when she had her ‘I Would Fall For You Anywhere‘ show at Naked Art in Bham:

And we stood in line for a loooong time when the LEGO store first opened here, so we could get the special Vulcan set they made for this opening:

Not ours, but my friend Charles Buchanan made this Elvis-inspired block print Vulcan:

…and this ‘corrected painting’ from John Lytle Wilson:

Scott Thigpen:



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