Snow Day

Thanks to the sudden snow/ice storm (snow was predicted for South Alabama (!) not central today), it took Av 3.5 hours to get what’s usually a six-minute drive from Shug’s school to Shugie’s preschool.  In the meantime I put on two pairs of socks, yoga pants under jeans, a giant sweatshirt, coat, and scarf, and walked almost three miles (which really wasn’t that bad, but the icy spots were a little scary) to Shugie’s preschool to make sure one of us was able to get him.  Sure enough, Av and I arrived at almost the same time.  Then, we had to ditch Av’s Acadia before we were able to get home and walk the rest of the way, as we live, well, atop a mountain.  What an adventure!

Ginger, Snow Day
Hope you all are somewhere safe and warm!

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