Vidalia Shul, And This is Santa Claus, Georgia — In August

On the way to Savannah this summer, we went to Vidalia (of course, we had to buy a sack of onions…).

And not too far from Vidalia is a town named ‘Santa Claus’ so of course we had to visit there too, just to see how they incorporate the name in the town.  And we got tickled thinking of how cute it would have been, had Vidalia’s Beth Israel:

(I was crazy for these doors:)
…been built twelve miles away in Santa Claus instead.  “Oh, yes, I attend Beth Israel in Santa Claus.”  Maybe you have to have a healthy sense of humor for that.  In any case, the boys have our love of travel and going to different congregations (this one is Orthodox) and we’d love to join in for Shabbat services here sometime.

Well, since it’s so close to Christmas, I wanted to show pics from Santa Claus, Georgia — these are from August:

If you have Christmas cards to send, this must be the best place to have them postmarked:
I just looked it up, and the USPS even keeps a document of Christmas-themed offices where you can get special things postmarked.

Our family celebrates Chanukah (which came so early this year, and was over weeks ago already!) but if this is your holiday, we hope you have a beautiful, meaningful Christmas with everyone you love. 


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