This Week’s Various, Part 2

Sorry to hear Fork and Pie in Chattanooga is closing — what a great place! Sounds like they’re going to keep catering out of the space though.

Fork & Pie Bar, Chattanooga TN

Fork & Pie Bar, Chattanooga TN

Fork & Pie Bar, Chattanooga TN

Fork & Pie Bar, Chattanooga TN

Fork & Pie Bar, Chattanooga TN

Eric Etheridge (UPDATE: published, avail here — thank you, Tom!) a book to publish the portraits of 328 Freedom Riders from 1961, along with their photos now.  They *all* agreed to help him.  From the Montgomery Advertiser (linked to USA Today):

Etheridge’s photographic project was aided, in part, by the decision of the racist Mississippi Sovereignty Commission to collect and gather the mug shots of the jailed Freedom Riders.

“When members of the Sovereignty Commission got the mug shots, they didn’t realize what they were doing by saving this great record of the Mississippi phase of the Freedom Rides,” Etheridge said.

Nashville Scene on Duke’s:
But back to the mayonnaise: Hellmann’s, created in New York City, is closer in taste and texture to the mayos of Germany and the Netherlands, so it stands to reason that would be what’s favored in the North and Midwest, where those populations migrated from the old country. Duke’s is more like French or Spanish mayonnaises. In other words, it’s more like the original mayonnaise, which is credited to a French-occupied (at the time) Spanish city, Mahon. Again, this makes logical sense due to the French and Spanish influence in Southern cuisine.

Krystal on Bourbon, 10.03.05

(above: the Krystal on Bourbon)

Although Krystal HQ has moved to Atlanta, plans are for a Krystal Museum to be developed on-campus at UT Chattanooga.

Neil McClure of McClure’s Barbecue in New Orleans on what barbecue meant when he was growing up in Pensacola:

…a whole pig cooked overnight on an old axle attached to a washing machine motor.

…”That was our version of the crawfish boil.”

NPR on Lonnie Holley: Self Made Man

At our home on Halloween, the cat (Eugene Walter) and the mouse (Shugie) got along just fine:

Shugie and Eugene

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