As usual, we made tons of pies this year.  Some for our family’s Thanksgiving supper, a couple go with us to Cullman for Thanksgiving lunch, and the rest go to a church that feeds the hungry on Thanksgiving (at the grocery store, it was the pie version of Bubba in Forrest Gump when they asked what kinds of pies I was making: pumpkin, egg custard, pecan, chocolate pecan, buttermilk coconut, chocolate meringue…).

What things looked like in 2005 — that may have been the first year I went all-out at Thanksgiving.  I used to deliver 7-10 pies to that church every weekend too.  I…I have a love for pie.  How can you be anything but happy with a slice of pie?  And even happier sharing the pie love.  There are some apple pies in the mix here:
Thanksgiving Pies of 2005

In 2011, I see some coconut meringue pies, chess pies, and hot fudge pies too  Oh!  See that big coffee urn on the marble table, there by the window?  That has a plaque on it with the company’s name of my husband’s family’s old restaurant supply business, so it’s like this great reminder.  We found it in an antique store where they were thinking about turning it into a lamp.  Whew.  You know how some families have a samovar that’s been handed down for generations?  We have a giant commercial coffee urn:
This Year's Thanksgiving Pies

In 2012, some Pawley’s Island pies were included — these are the favorite of my and Av’s BB/BS little brother, so we call that recipe ‘Danny Pie’ here at home:
2012 Thanksgiving Pies

This year’s pies — thirty-three!  I think that’s a new record for us.
Thanksgiving At Our Home 2014

And we had the great good fortune of having Thanksgiving fall during Chanukah, so the boys helped me make some shapes with pie crust and we made a dreidel pumpkin pie for our family:
Thanksgiving At Our Home 2014

…and some others!  Happy Thanksgivukkah!
Thanksgiving At Our Home 2014

Hope your Thanksgiving is meaningful and delicious.  xoxo!

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