This Looks Like More Than It Is, And Making Spirits Bright

Lunch at SoBou — it opened last summer, and from the Tom Fitzmorris review:
SoBou represents either the vanguard of a new era in dining out, or a phase we’ll laugh at in twenty years. In either case, it’s decidedly pitched at younger (thirty-ish) customers, who seem as delighted by the freewheeling format of the place as older customers are puzzled by it. The center of gravity is the bar, where an intensive program of developing cocktails and custom ingredients for them rules.

And it’s a Brennan family restaurant (think Ti/Alex/Brad, plus Tory McPhail of Commander’s) so I don’t even have to consider the food — it’s just going to be somewhere between very, very good and mind-blowing amazing.  It’s located in the W French Quarter on Chartres.

SoBou, New Orleans LA
This was not my intention.  It looks like more than it was (since I didn’t finish the julep or the other cocktail).  And what is that knife doing there?

One of the drinks was water.

One of them was a mint julep, made with crushed ice like a snoball.  I do like a mint julep.  It was really good but I didn’t get anywhere close to finishing it — here’s why…

SoBou, New Orleans LA

I was thinking about how one of the specials at SoBou — they do this and practically give away martinis at Commanders and some other places too — is the $.25 martini special with lunch.  I’m going to say that this was a ‘pink elephant’, but I can’t promise that’s correct.

I grew up in a dry county, and never developed into the kind of person who regularly has anything other than water or milk (seriously) with a meal.  I had my first sip — and I do mean sip because in my mind it was made up of equal parts guilt, and fear for breaking the rules! — on a high school trip to Panama City Beach.  Oh.

SoBou, New Orleans LA

Really the funniest part of that high school trip was that my best friend and I met this super-cool guy who introduced himself to us on the beach, and told us he drove a ‘vette.  We thought: Corvette. Turned out to be: Chevette.

And suddenly he wasn’t super-cool any more.  We were nice girls and weren’t going to go riding with him but did want to see that car!  Was it a new Corvette?  Red, maybe?  Bonus points for a convertible!  So cool to be our age and have a ‘vette!

We laughed and laughed and laughed about that forever.

Back at lunch, Abigail was trying to devise something good for the upcoming Tales of the Cocktail (ToTC), so I wound up with this, complimentary.  We worked on naming it, but I don’t know what she finally decided on.

No problems on walking home because I only had a taste:

SoBou, New Orleans

So that looked like a lot of drinks in front of me, really it just amounted to a water, a martini plus one drink of another, and half a julep.  See me explaining?  Ohmygosh, I still have some dry-county guilt!  

Lunch arrived and it was just terrific.  This lighting really does nothing at all for the image, but this is a ‘crispy oyster taco with compressed pineapple ceviche, mirliton, and Cajun ghost pepper caviar’.  It was a little crunchy and a little smooth and all fresh.  It popped.  Delectable.  Oh that was good.

Crispy Oyster Taco at SoBou, New Orleans LA

Tales of the Toddy is later this year.  This is how it’s described:

Making Spirits Bright
8th Annual Tales of the Toddy®
Thursday, December 19, 2013
5:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Generations Hall
310 Andrew Higgins Drive
New Orleans, 70130
Tickets on Sale – Monday, October 14, 2013

In a few short months the holidays will be upon us once again. And nothing goes better with all the wassailing, mistletoe and good tidings than great cocktails. On December 19th, Tales of the Toddy returns for its eighth year to help everyone get into the holidays spirits. Join us for the most spirited holiday party of the year with expertly crafted yuletide cocktails, excellent cuisine from local restaurants and live music by Mississippi Rail Co. that will take a contemporary spin on the carols we know and love.

To get the competitive spirits flowing, we’ll be pitting the city’s best bartenders against each other in a holiday cocktail shakedown. Teams of five will compete in one of four categories—nogs, ciders, chocolate and toddies—for bragging rights of being crowned the Tales of the Toddy champions! So get your tickets and get into the holiday spirits at Tales of the Toddy 2013. A portion of the evening’s proceeds underwrites educational programming for the United States Bartenders Guild.

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