Two Sisters Kitchen, Food And Wine’s Fried Chicken Picks, And Picnics

When Food and Wine did their list of ‘Best Fried Chicken in the U.S.‘ they named 25 restaurants, and one of them: Two Sisters Kitchen in Jackson, Mississippi:

It’s really next door to the birthplace of Eudora Welty which is its own destination with a bookstore, coffeeshop and more, and the restaurant is in this home:

Two Sisters Kitchen, Jackson MS

It’s actually setup as a buffet but once you see it, those ‘eh. a buffet.’ feelings disappear.  So not all of this was finished, but there were tastes of blackeyed peas, roll, green beans, cabbage, fried squash, grits, succotash, turnip greens, and of course, their famous fried chicken.
Two Sisters Kitchen, Jackson MS

Oh that was good!  And dessert just automatically comes with your meal, so they brought out a choice of bread pudding and peach cobbler, so a taste or two of this also:
Two Sisters Kitchen, Jackson MS

This is the view up the street, of the capitol.  Next time, we’re getting it to go and making a picnic on the lawn here.  Nice:

Capitol Building, Jackson MS

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