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Earlier this summer when we were going through Kosciusko, we just happened to see this sign:
Oprah Winfrey Road, Kosciusko MS

I admire the goods things she’s done but never particularly been a fan of her shows — but since it was right there, we decided to go up and see.  Her church, Buffalo United Methodist, is in this building:
Oprah Winfrey Road, Kosciusko MS

…and this is the original building where she first performed — that’s the sign outside, ‘Oprah Faced First Audience Here’:
Oprah Winfrey Road, Kosciusko MS

Her home is long gone.  The sign reads:
“On January 29, 1954, Oprah Winfrey was born in a wood frame house located on this site.  She resided here as a child before moving to Milwaukee at age six.  Within walking distance is the church where she made her first appearance in an Easter recitation. 

She grew in the information/entertainment industry to become the world’s foremost TV talk show host with a daily audience in the millions.  At the same time she never forgot or overlooked her heritage and has been a regular supporter of folks back home as well as a model to much of America.”
Oprah Winfrey Road, Kosciusko MS

While driving, I was thinking: ‘wow, if I were Oprah, I would buy some land and invite an organization like Rural Studio to make some sort of example of sustainable, affordable housing on the road that’s named in my honor’ and ‘I would totally buy some lots and develop some sort of community school’ and worlds of other ideas — I could go on forever — to make some mecca of goodness and happiness and improvement and togetherness (I’m a Myers-Briggs iNFj and this sooo explains me).  Not taking away all the worlds of other wonderful things she does…

Oprah Winfrey Road, Kosciusko MS

(above: a neighbor’s bottle tree, on Oprah Winfrey Road)
One idea: because people around the world are drawn to her, why not take a page from Tupelo and arrange an Oprah Winfrey birthplace/museum attraction?  Elvis lived in Tupelo until the age of 13, and the city has embraced their connection with a museum, chapel, his homeplace, church, fountain, statue, a driving tour, and more.  With all the people worldwide who admire Oprah and her work, this could really be huge.  Kosy, you can do this.

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