Catfish Tacos With Comeback Slaw, Making Sweet Tea Vodka, And Shopping Directly With Your Farmer

Parlor Market, Jackson MS
At Parlor Market in downtown Jackson, I had the *delicious* fried catfish tacos with comeback slaw.  They had a promotion with Foursquare for checking in: a free house cocktail, which happens to be their ‘front porch’:

Parlor Market, Jackson MS

…which the server explained was their in-house sweet tea vodka (I just figured they were going to use Firefly, but this is perfect) with lemon/mint served in a mason jar.  Terrific.  And why are we not making our own sweet tea vodka at home, I’m now wondering…totally going to figure that out: steep cold-water tea bags in vodka, or make some ratio of sweet tea to vodka and let it marry for a few days?  Delicious experimentation awaits.

Parlor Market features some of the farms they work with on their website.  One is Two Run Farm in Vaughn, Mississippi.  They seem to cater mostly to established restaurants here and in New Orleans, but they also make their items available to the public via Good Eggs, which operates in the Bay Area and New Orleans.  Good Eggs picks purveyors based on a set of principles, and people who wish to buy make an account and either pick up or have their choices delivered to their home.  You shop with the farmers on the website, so there are no surprises.

Wow at these producers you can do business with directly.  Yes, yes, yes.

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