A Slave Memorial, Whitney Plantation

The 1790-era Whitney Plantation house in Wallace, Louisiana is being restored, and the emphasis is not on the finery of the mansion. From the NYT:

When visitors pass through the house, perhaps for 10 minutes at most, antique bells, up to 30 inches wide, will toll outside in tribute to the slaves.

“The whole time you’re in there, you’ll hear the bells,” Mr. Cummings said. “It’s a constant reminder of who built that place.”

An outdoor maze of black granite walls will be etched with the names of thousands of Louisiana slaves. Reading from a few walls during a preview tour, the Whitney Plantation’s academic director, Ibrahima Seck, a scholar from Senegal, explained the likely origins of some of the slaves and their descendants, with names like Santiago, Jolicoeur, Susu, Cupidon, Kiamba, Cinigal, Nard and Banning. “I will sit here late at night and maybe I will hear them talk,” Dr. Seck recounted.

The Whitney Plantation from San Francisco 3D Films on Vimeo.

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