Wade Wharton Sculpture Trail

I wasn’t able to make it to the opening reception for Wade Wharton’s Sculpture Trail at the Huntsville Botanical Garden, but it’s open and the day that I finally got there, a few weeks after — the gentleman who gave me the map early that morning said there had already been a few guests that came just to see Wade’s artwork.  These are only a small fraction of what the Garden chose to exhibit:

Wade Wharton Art at the Huntsville Botanical Garden

The HBG wrote: Mr. Wharton’s whimsical artwork is made from ‘found’ metal pieces such as shovels, rototiller blades, springs, and tools. He welds them into objects such as dogs, cats, flowers, time machines, Jack and the Beanstalk and more, each with a little story about it. We have placed over 30 pieces of his artwork throughout the Garden for this exhibit.

Wade Wharton Art at the Huntsville Botanical Garden

Wade Wharton Art at the Huntsville Botanical Garden

There’s one right in the middle of the water, too, that the children on this fieldtrip were especially enamored with:
Wade Wharton Sculpture Trail at Huntsville Botanical Garden

I went to lunch with Wade and some of his family that was in from out-of-town that day…so proud of him, always.  Fellow bottle tree lovers, he made one of the largest anywhere for this exhibit!

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