Those Beautiful Dishes

If you watched the Bizarre Foods America show based on Birmingham, you may have noticed what Chris Hastings of Hot and Hot was using for his plating — it’s by the same artist as he commissioned when he appeared on Iron Chef America.

The first time I ever had supper at Chris’ Hot and Hot Fish Club was right after Av and I were married — I thought the food was great, but the dishes the food was on…amazingly beautiful.  I figured they were probably made by someone far off, only available to the trade, but being someone who loves china (seriously, even when I was crazy-poor in college, I found a service for eight of Noritake Lucille for less than $100 and couldn’t help myself) I inquired found out that it was made in Leeds, about 20 minutes from Birmingham, and open to the public.

So I ran right out and found Earthborn Pottery and Tena Payne, the artist behind it:



Glaze samples:


Whenever I make something at home and want to photograph it, her pottery is the first I usually reach for:
Strawberry Shortcake

Speaking of art and pottery, the Ohr-O’Keefe Museum of Art in Biloxi is hiring a director, and Kentuck in Northport is hiring an executive director and program manager.

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