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The awfulness, just awfulness, of what’s happened with Nelle Harper Lee and the copyright for TKAM in regards to the court case was the subject of a piece in the August issue of Vanity Fair.  There’s also this:

“I used to take Harper Lee down here until she got too old to play,” her close friend and Methodist minister Thomas Lane Butts tells Seal about the Wind Creek Casino and Hotel, the Vegas-style gambling establishment where she used to feed quarters into slot machines for hours, reveling in the anonymity. Seal reports that Lee used to roll up and down the rows of jangling machines in her wheelchair and nobody seemed to recognize her.

I was interviewed this week by Yahoo! for their Yahoo! Shine article on slugburgers — the annual Slugburger Festival is this weekend and Joey Chestnut (so nice he tweeted me back!) will be competing in the eating competition.


From the Houston Chronicle:
Where might you find a manuscript by the late Pearl S. Buck — the prolific author who won a Pulitzer for “The Good Earth” in 1932 and a Nobel in 1938?

If you answered, “a storage locker in Texas,” you’d be right.

It will be published in October.

Also: Woody Guthrie’s book ‘House of Earth‘ about his experiences during the Great Depression in the Texas Panhandle was found by Douglas Brinkley and was published earlier this year.

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