Moonvine Seed By Teaspoonful

From Eudora Welty’s story, ‘The Wanderers‘:

She brought a paper up and down over her mother’s face. She fanned her with the Market Bulletin.

Dying, Miss Katie went rapidly over the list in it, her list…Purple althea cuttings, true box, four colors of cannas for fifteen cents, moonvine seed by teaspoonful, green and purple jew. Roses: big white rose, little thorn rose, beauty-red sister rose, pink monthly, old-fashioned red summer rose, very fragrant, baby rose. Five colors of verbena, candlestick lilies, milk and wine lilies, blackberry lilies, lemon lilies, angel lilies, apostle lilies. Angel trumpet seed. The red amaryllis.

…”Fan me. If you stop fanning, it’s worse than if you never started.”…

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