Dreamy, Cobwebby

Tennessee Williams' Childhood Home, Columbus MS
Above: Tennessee Williams’ childhood home in Columbus, Mississippi

Tennessee Williams’ ‘The Two Character Play‘ is showing right now at New World Stages in NYC. 

Scott Brown at Vulture:
…they perform a distillation of Williams’s core obsessions: truth and fakery, an inward-turned hatred of personal weakness crossed with a bottomless tortured empathy for weak and broken things, and, atop the heap, a fierce need to grasp the authentic via the theatrical. Williams wrote this play years after his “great” works were considered handsome antiques, and he revised it repeatedly, over a decade, like a prisoner digging an escape tunnel with a spoon. Director Gene David Kirk has selected two actors so marvelous at feigned insanity that another layer of ambiguity has been added: Where do the performers’ histrionics stop and the play’s inner life begin? This production is more of a sophisticated freak act than a dazzling illusion, but you come away feeling dreamy, cobwebby, as if you’ve just seen a show piped in from a hazier era…

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