That Famous Banana Pudding

When Andrew Zimmern was here to tape a show earlier this year — it hasn’t aired yet — I was among the people consulted on by the production company as to where he should go (more on that closer to when the episode airs, with some great pics Av got when he met him).  For barbecue, he visited Miss Myra’s in Cahaba Heights, and I noted that it was one of the places in town that served white barbecue sauce, which was first made/popularized up in Decatur at Big Bob’s.

He really liked Miss Myra’s barbecue.  But what he went on and on about, and what he wrote about for his regular feature for Food and Wine, was the banana pudding there.

He writes, ‘…when I tell you, without equivocation, that it’s the most famous, most amazing, best tasting banana pudding recipe in the world, trust me, it is. Four generations have carefully guarded this recipe as the perfect finish to the barbecued chicken with white sauce dinner for which Miss Myra’s Pit Bar B-Q, near Birmingham, Alabama, has been famous for, running on three decades now. Enjoy. It’s dessert heaven…’

Av and I had lunch there again today (I had chicken with white sauce, potato salad, and deviled eggs — Av had the smoked sausage):
Miss Myra's Bar-B-Q, Cahaba Heights
We decided that it has all the elements for a great Alabama barbecue place: a Coca-Cola sign somewhere (although, disappointingly and downright wrong, they serve Pepsi), there are anthropomorphic pigs either as figurines or drawings, there’s a large Golden Flake display, and of course photographs and other memorabilia extolling the excellence that is Alabama football.

…and of course, for dessert, banana pudding:
Banana Pudding, Miss Myra's Bar-B-Q, Cahaba Heights

BTW, Andrew has a new show on Travel Channel called The Border Check that may get picked up as a series.

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